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RyanBy Ryan Burk | rburk@wcia.com

Published 02/05 2016 11:37AM

When it comes to starting a small business, finding a place to have your product produced can often be one of the biggest challenges start-ups face. It is especially true in the food industry, where having a facility that is capable of handling large quantities of product and meeting all health code regulations can be a challenge. A new business in Decatur called National Foodworks is looking to help companies solve that problem.

National Foodworks is currently under construction on Decatur’s east side. Located inside the former Brush College Elementary school building, the facility will soon be transformed into a major food production facility. This space is geared toward being a place where small to mid size start up food companies are able to have product produced. National Foodworks founders Jim Milano and Tony Caccomo  say they chose Decatur to launch this new concept because of a number of factors.


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“Decatur and Central Illinois is uniquely positioned for food production because of its location and because of our distribution facilities. We are in an ideal location for both distribution and location services near to producers.” Says Jim Milano.

National Foodworks is set to be fully operational by mid-April.

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