Here are the answers to some of National Foodworks Services' most frequently asked questions.

Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

We don’t have a minimum order quantity. We can produce volumes based on where you are at in your sales cycle. The higher the daily PO, the lower the price per unit toll rate.

Do we have any allergen restrictions?

No, we allow for all the listed allergens and have a strict allergen control program written into our FSP.

Are we turnkey or non-turnkey?

Non-turnkey for the most part. If production volumes are high enough, we’re open to discussing a full turnkey model.

Can you run certified products such as GF, kosher, non-GMO, etc.?

Yes, we can run certified products, but the brand owner would have to be the certification holder on their end. NFS can be compliant with any environmental testing and audits required to be compliant with the certification’s standards.

Do you have storage fees?

Yes, $20 per month per pallet in ambient and $30 per month per pallet in refrigerated/frozen; this is billed on a biannual basis.

Do you offer R&D services?

Not in formulation or packaging design, but we have referrals within our network for pre-pilot services. Our goal is to help conceptualize and mass produce a product once the formulation is finalized.

Do you assist with fulfillment and transportation?

We can store finished product at our facility for the pallet storage fees, but it is the client's responsibility to set up a shipment.