Customer Experience

National Foodworks Services has partnered with dozens of businesses throughout our company’s history.

We partner with food product and ingredient businesses in every stage of growth and development: from the ambitious entrepreneurs just coming out of commercial kitchens to multi-billion-dollar CPGs testing the market with a regional launch and everyone in between.

Current Partners


“The NFS team were incredible to work with. For everything from troubleshooting the scaling up of our recipe to industrial scale to optimizing the production process, their knowledgeability and experience were a great help. They were responsive in communications and consistent on deadlines, I highly recommend."

— Will Kehler, Founder & CEO at Bakesale

Crafted Energy

"National Foodworks Services has been an instrumental partner in our ability to launch and grow our brand. Their team is very communicative, transparent, and has always produced our product to the highest quality standards. We love the NFS Team!"

— Ryan Naboshek, Co-Founder at Crafted Energy

Obi Bar

“NFS knows how to help its customers grow and succeed. They partnered with us from our first trial production run to much higher volumes for our brand. Every step of the way, they supported us with their know-how, scale, and flexibility. Starting a food bar business and scaling it is a huge challenge. But a partner like NFS is essential in the journey from an idea to a successful, young brand.”

— Bob Sales, Founder at Obibar

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