Room Descriptions

Planned rooms, Equipment, and Products


Mixing equipment in the 200-400 pound range, extruder 5000-1000 units per hour, two double rack ovens – 80 to 120 trays at a time, horizontal over-wrap – 5000 units per hour. Holding walk-in freezer. Dry storage area. Phase II of build-out we will double the above capacities.

Foods Produced

Cookies, brownies, blondes, cakes, biscotti, bars, pet biscuits, doughs, muffins, tarts, pies, cupcakes, crackers, pretzels and dry repackaging

Dry Filling and Packing Area

For clients only using dry ingredients that need to be mixed and packaged.

Foods Produced

Spices, dry mixes – any large volume break-down to smaller packages.

Bar line

High capacity through-put line – automated to shape, enrobe, and wrap product. Automated production line with variable sizing

Foods Produced

power bars, nutritional bars, energy bars

Wet kitchen

Ingredient processing equipment, steam kettles and a fill line.

Phase I – 300 plus gallon capacity. Phase II up to 800 gallon capacity with walk-in refrigeration.   Phase III implementation of USDA processing with blast freezer capability

Foods Produced

Soups, dressing, marinades, salsas, jam and jellies, hummus, vegetable sauces, vegetables (shelf-stable through lightly processed frozen), bottled items, pet foods and drinks

Popping, Roasting and Bagging Area

High volume automated line – processing, scaling and packaging.

Foods Produced

Nuts, popcorn and seeds.

Confectionery Line

Foods Produced

Non-baked sugar candieschocolatescandied fruits and nuts.

Additional services – gluten free, organic, non-GMO, Kosher, SQF certification, USDA Organic HAACP, FDA and USDA meats.

Additional Non-Food Production Rooms

Aggregation Food Hub

Building (centralized to farms) for receiving, sorting and storage of produce direct from the fields. Retail sales direct to consumers – with remainder used for food production.


Venture capital money available for start-ups and expansions

Food challenges

National food and beverage innovation challenges

A/V Room

Audio and visual room for recording of classes and remote participation.

Training Room

Onsite class rooms for accredited programs.

Trep Offices

Onsite training offerings from Kahuna

Marketing Office

Dedicated space for our marketing team to work with individuals and company to help promote their product lines.

Business Office

Centralized office to support our structure and work with individuals.