Illinois’ Billion Dollar Gateway

Location Matters

  • Decatur, IL is surrounded by thousands of square miles of the richest farm soil in the world.
  • Decatur, IL has very ample access to fresh water in the city, state and region through Lake Decatur, the Mahomet Aquafer, the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers and Lake Michigan.
  • Decatur has immediate access to the Interstate Highway system.
  • It is home to the Midwest Inland Port that connects several Class A Railroads to the Interstate Highway system and an airport with US Customs clearance.
  • Decatur is home to the Culinary Arts Institute of Richland Community College, one of the largest culinary programs in the Midwest.
  • Decatur, IL is North American Headquarters to Archer Daniels Midland Company, one of the largest food companies in the world and Tate & Lyle‘s (a major European/American food ingredient supplier) largest North American Facility. 

Decatur is in the Heart of the Midwest

500 Miles


Nearly 100 million consumers in 21 states are within 500 miles of Decatur.  That’s a one-day truck drive!

200 Miles


In roughly a 200 mile radius of Decatur
there are more than 22 million consumers
within six states.  That’s a one-day round trip!