Training in All Things 'Food'

(Currently Under Development) On May 20, 2015 Richland Community College in Decatur entered into a formal agreement to undertake part of the educational mission with NFS.  This will include education and training of entrepreneurs in various aspects of food manufacturing, packaging and distribution that will also include business development, marketing and financial services.

By providing our food entrepreneurs the specialized training and exposure to a practical laboratory for the multi-discipline functions of food manufacturing, and offering them development, marketing and financial services with our combined areas of expertise, part of our mission will be to help them grow, and prosper, and move into larger space on our campus.  The National Institute for Food Entrepreneurship (“NIFE”), a wholly owned subsidiary of NFS, will be heavily involved in this mission along with our educational partners.

NIFE will offer an accredited program through Richland to train budding food industry entrepreneurs in product development, food manufacturing, financing, and marketing. The educational element of this side of NFS is considered equally as important as the food production and entrepreneurial sides.

Our partner(s), Frank Lunn and Kahuna Business Group from Bloomington, Illinois have extensive experience consulting with entrepreneurs nationwide and will be actively engaged in the service, education, and training mission for our companies.  Richland Community College along with other educational institutions will also be collaborating with NFS/NIFE.

Food entrepreneurs, students of any of the food sciences and students seeking to work in the food industry will be welcomed by NIFE and NFS to our facility for internships, training and informational on-site tours.