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Through the nearly 36,000 square feet of manufacturing space, that includes several types of food production services, NFS is in a position to offer co-packing, private labeling and shared usage for different types of food businesses.

National Foodworks Services will also manufacture and market its own line of specially developed food products.

NFS also intends to work with the agricultural community throughout central Illinois to expand opportunities for production and marketing of locally-grown food products.

The food and beverage industries are going through a revolution and many entrepreneurs of different backgrounds are launching new products…” Juan Luciano, President and CEO, Archer Daniels Midland, January, 2015.

In food, change is happening at a pace we’ve probably never seen before” Paul Grimwood, head of Nestlé’s US prepared food business in Fortune Magazine, May 21, 2015.

In addition, we will become the conduit for the introduction of unique products, ideas and new formulations in this rapidly evolving food industry for large suppliers to meet and collaborate with food entrepreneurs in both the domestic and international arenas.